Development Strategy of the I.K. Akhunbaev Kyrgyz State Medical Academy for 2010 – 2020

I.K. Akhunbaev Kyrgyz State Medical Academy is a leading medical University in the Kyrgyz Republic. KSMA trains specialists of the highest medical and pharmaceutical profile. Employees of the Academy are scientists that known in Kyrgyzstan and abroad. The Academy has successfully celebrated its 80th anniversary and is entering a new decade of its activity.

The mission of KSMA:

In a changing world, universities must take on new functions, abandon outdated forms and methods of activity, and establish new links with all institutions responsible for mass education. The new doctrine of national medical and pharmaceutical education requires the rationalization of needs with fundamental improvement of all forms and methods of training, as well as the elimination of the existing imbalance in the personnel structure of practical health care.

Global advances in medical science and technology, health care reforms have led to inadequate content of special education, which generally does not meet the requirements of the time. Therefore, one of the most important tasks of modern higher education is to ensure the quality of education that contributes to the formation of a specialist that meets the new realities of life and professional activity. In the current circumstances, it is very important to develop long-term measures to improve the competitiveness of the Academy, to ensure the quality of training of qualified medical professionals who meet the requirements of the individual and the needs of medical organizations - employers, in comparison with other similar educational medical institutions.

In this regard, the top management of KSMA establishes the main strategic goal of the Academy: to achieve international recognition and maintain the image of the leading center of medical and pharmaceutical education in the Kyrgyz Republic.

KSMA strategy is developed taking into account the key directions of education development in Kyrgyzstan presented by the President of the Kyrgyz Republic in the Concept of Education Reform:

  1. Creation of a system of innovative training of medical and pharmaceutical personnel.
    • Continuous study of the need for training of medical and pharmaceutical personnel in the Kyrgyz Republic.
    • Study of international requirements for medical education for academic recognition and integration into the international educational space.
    • Implementation of the competence approach to the training of medical specialists.
  2. Focus of educational activities on the end result – the release of specialists with the necessary competencies.
    • Further application of modern teaching methods and advanced educational technologies.
  3. Implementation and widespread use of modern management methods in the management of the Academy, the commitment of senior management principles.
    • Continuous improvement of the management system of KSMA.
    • Wide application of process approach to educational activities.
  4. Integration of interests, involvement and use of the potential of all stakeholders: government agencies, business, international organizations.
    • Active international cooperation.
    • Cooperation with medical, medical and preventive organizations of the Kyrgyz Republic.
    • Creating a system of interaction with graduates.
  5. Creation of modern educational, methodical and material - technical base as a necessary condition for the training of highly qualified specialists.
    • Improvement of clinical, practical and laboratory bases for training of specialists.
    • Expanding access to modern educational and methodical literature, including the use of information technology.
  6. Creation of conditions for professional and personal improvement of the teaching staff and staff of the Academy.
    • Introduction of incentive mechanisms for staff self-development and professional development.
  7. Increasing the role of research and science in the educational process.
    • Development of fundamental and applied research in the field of medicine and related Sciences through joint activities of scientific and pedagogical workers and students.
    • Wide use of research results in educational and medical processes.
  8. The creation of a modern educational environment, the introduction of the principles of evaluation of the educational process and the teaching staff.
    • Improvement of information support system.
    • Involvement of students in the evaluation of the educational process.
  9. Carrying out medical work at the modern level, the introduction of the principles of evidence-based medicine.
    • Implementation of the principles of evidence-based medicine at all levels.
  10. Creating conditions for the full development of students as individuals.
    • Activation of educational, cultural and mass work.
    • Formation of the fundamental qualities of the doctor's personality.
    • Education of the cult of knowledge and the desire for success.

The Development Strategy of the Academy is a guide to action for all staff and the basis for the development and setting of short-term and long-term goals in the field of quality education.