Mission and goals

Quality Assurance Policy at I.K. Akhunbaev KSMA

Motto: Scientia, Experientia et Novitates - Knowledge, experience and innovations!

The mission of the KSMA is to improve the health of the population and the quality of life of individuals and groups of people through the continuous training of highly professional specialists using innovative educational programs and technologies, conducting advanced biomedical research. KSMA seeks to realize this mission in accordance with the highest professional and ethical standards, in conditions that allow each person to reach their full potential.

The following objectives which are based on the mission of the KSMA:

  1. Training a specialist with general and special competences, universal and subject-specific competences that contribute to his/her social mobility and stability in the labor market, readiness for postgraduate training with the subsequent implementation of professional medical activity in the chosen field.
  2. Being the leader of higher medical education, preserving and multiplying the traditions of Home medicine, to be a leader in academic medical education and the scientific community.
  3. To achieve international recognition and maintain the image of a leading medical school in Central Asia.
  4. To provide a high level of quality education that contributes to the formation of a specialist who meets the new realities of life and the needs of employers.