Quality Management System

Implementing a quality assurance system using a documented quality management system

The introduction of the quality management system of education in the KSMA started in 2008 by the decision of the Academic Council of the KSMA from December 28, 2008. Documenting the quality management system of education started in 2009 and by the Order No. 81 of March 12, 2009 was established the Quality Management Department. Accroding to the Order No.151 from 28.05.2009 were approved the regulations on the Council for the quality of education and the quality management department, the job descriptions of the department employees and the list of those responsible for the QMS. The policy of quality assurance, which includes the mission, goals and development strategy of the KSMA for 2010-2020 were developed and approved on December 25, 2009 and were published in KSMA website.

In 2016, the quality management system of the KSMA was revised in accordance with the international standard ISO 9001: 2015. Adjustments were made to the mission, educational goals and the Development Strategy of the KSMA, and was approved Action Plan for the implementation of the KSMA Development Strategy for 2017-2020. The management duties of the KSMA have been developed and approved, defining management responsibility for ensuring the quality of education.

Revised and approved  Regulations Education Quality System, Department of Education Quality Management and list of processes.

By the decision of Council for Education Quality was developed the Instruction Manual from 20.11.2018.  Instruction Manual that describes education quality system including policy maintenance quality  Process model and  Registry of processes of Education Quality System (responsible employees and sub-devisions). Manual on monitoring and education quality assessment of training process in KSMA was developed and approved.