Development of master plan for capacity building in nursing education

Project description: To develop jointly with the Nursing Department of the KSMA, which is an advanced institution for training nursing specialists and strengthening the capacity of health workers in the Kyrgyz Republic, a master plan for developing skills and competencies in nursing and continuing education.


Funding Organization: Korea Ministry of Education

Implementing organization: Kyung-Hee University (South Korea)

Duration of the project: April 01, 2019 - January 31, 2020


1) Purpose and content

- Identify the need for nursing education to meet the needs of the Kyrgyz healthcare in the quality training of nurses with higher education

- research abilities, expanding the potential of teachers, their scientific and pedagogical potential of students and stakeholders in KSMA, the Kyrgyz Republic.

- Based on the need to develop a master plan (master plan) for capacity building.

- The research method consists of a review of literature, consultative negotiations and seminars, focus group interviews, questionnaires, visits to relevant institutions and stakeholders.

Project Promotion Method

Level 1 Assessment of wetness and burial research

- Literature review

- Consultative meeting and workshop

- Visiting a local institution and negotiating with an interested party

Level 2 Strengthening the teaching capacity for developing a master plan

- Training for teaching staff

- Submitting an Expert

Level 3 Master Plan Development

- Development of a master plan

- Development of a strategy for the application of the master plan

Project Results:

  1. A review of the literature by teachers of the Nursing Department
  2. A number of consultative meetings, negotiations and working meetings were held with the faculty of KSMA, employees of the Ministry of Health of the Kyrgyz Republic and other interested parties.
  3. A questionnaire survey of graduates
  4. Conducted interviews in focus groups and subsequent discussion in focus groups
  5. Seminars and trainings for teaching staff in Kyrgyzstan and Korea
  6. A strategic plan has been developed for submitting a project application for the next financing, given the improvement in the quality of medical care to the population through the provision of high-quality training for nurses with higher education using innovative educational programs and technologies