Mission and goals


of the I. K. Akhunbaev Kyrgyz State Medical Academy 

Our motto: Scientia, Experientia et Novitates - knowledge, experience and innovation!


Education quality ensuring policy of the I. K. Akhunbaev Kyrgyz State Medical Academy (KSMA) was developed based on the analysis of  the  implementation of  the previous Development Strategy of KSMA (2010-2020), new  tasks  set  by the "National  Development Strategy of the Kyrgyz Republic for 2018-2040" (Decree of the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic dated December 20, 2018 № 600), the Program of the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic on protection  of  public health and development of health care system for  2019-2030  "Healthy person - prosperous country" (approved  by the Decree of the President of  the  Kyrgyz  Republic dated  31.10.2018  № 221), draft "Education  Development  Strategy in the Kyrgyz  Republic  for 2021-2040" and the  Agenda for Sustainable  Development until 2030 adopted by UN member states  in  2015  and  reflects the needs of all stakeholders, the Kyrgyz Republic and the global community in general.

Education quality ensuring policy of KSMA for  the  period from 2021 to  2030  was  adopted  after extensive  discussion  with faculty and staff of KSMA, student community, representatives of practical health care and other stakeholders at public meetings of the Council on Quality of  Education (18.11.2020), Rector Council (08.01.2021), Academic Council 29.01.2021..

In order to ensure the system of education quality assurance, the Education Quality Assurance Policy of KSMA includes Mission, Vision, Goals, "KSMA Development Strategy for 2021-2030", "Action Plan to Implement KSMA Development Strategy for 2021-2030", Quality Management System (QMS), as well as educational goals and learning outcomes (graduate competency catalogs).

KSMA MISSION as the flagship of medical education and science in the Kyrgyz Republic is to improve the health and quality of life of the population, meeting the needs of society and the individual in the intellectual, cultural and moral development through quality and continuous training of medical and pharmaceutical personnel, based on the inseparable unity of the educational process, research and clinical practice in accordance with the challenges of the XXI century.


KSMA is a state medical university of research and innovation type, one of the leading centers of medical education and science in the Asian region, comparable with the leading medical universities of the world

KSMA is a university with advanced training of medical and pharmaceutical personnel based on the integration of educational process, basic scientific research and innovative approaches

KSMA is a university of innovative education, providing new results, education of competitive, socially responsible, initiative and competent specialists for innovative development of medicine and society.



Strategic goals:

  1. Inclusion and consolidation of KSMA among the leading medical universities in the Asian region according to the major international rankings, through the development of basic and applied research of world-class health care, high-altitude medicine, biotechnology, pharmacy and wide implementation of innovative learning technologies;
  2. Development of  innovative  infrastructure of  KSMA to ensure the principle of  advanced education;              
  3. Systemic quality assurance at all stages of the lifecycle of scientific and educational services  that  can compete with  the leading universities in Asia and Europe;               
  4. Provision  of  strategic  partnership for professional training of specialists on the  basis  of comprehensive cooperation of KSMA with interested organizations by combining the intellectual potential, material, financial and human resources;                                  
  5. Development of a multilevel training system for specialists and scientific personnel through fundamentality, quality, continuity and succession of education and science, and mandatory integration into the world educational and scientific community.            


Educational goals:

  1. Formation of a specialist professionally prepared for independent practice in the conditions of the modern level of material and technical equipment of health care.        
  2. Formation of  a harmoniously  developed  and  socially responsible personality on  the basis of  spiritual, moral and humanistic values of the global community; the  personality of  the student in the highest degree of culture and charity.         
  3. Formation  of  the  personality of a student who is ready to learn throughout his working life and is able to initiate or support innovative technologies of production  and  management,  progressive processes of social development, and is ready to become a leader in the global community.                  
  4. Formation and development of students' research competencies through the introduction of Research Based Learning and the development of medical science.        
  5. Advanced vocational training of students, based on competencies in accordance with the rapidly changing conditions of intensive development of social and economic processes, ready to promptly offer their participation, responding to the demands of society and the labor market.   



Academic freedom - KSMA provides freedom to choose topics and methods of teaching and research, publications, and for students to acquire knowledge according to their inclinations and needs

Innovation and creativity - KSMA continues to conduct research in search of new knowledge and promotes new opportunities for human and social development

Openness and integrity - KSMA achievements are based on transparency, responsibility, and accountability

Respect for the individual - By valuing diversity and respecting individual differences, KSMA respects the dignity and rights of employees and students

Personal development and leadership - KSMA strives to create conditions to promote a culture of personal development and professional fulfillment; provide an atmosphere in which employees and students can enhance their leadership skills

High standards - KSMA strives to operate according to the highest international academic standards

Positive environment - KSMA fosters an environment that leads to job and learning satisfaction, dedication to the university, and willingness to preserve and develop its traditions

Public awareness and commitment to health - KSMA strives to provide high quality medical care to patients, be responsive to the needs of society, instill humanism and compassion in the new generation of doctors and health care workers, and promote healthy lifestyles

Constructive collaboration - KSMA works with partners who help us achieve excellence in what we do.