1. Regulations on module - rating system of assessment of students' progress
  2. Regulation on crediting week and examination session
  3. Self-study of the students
  4. Regulations on the final state certification of KSMA graduates
  5. Provision on the organization and conduct of choice courses (elektive course)
  6. Provisions on the EMC dated 31/10/2018 (Order.№341)
  7. Regulations on the Educational and Methodological Profile Committee of the KSMA dated 11/26/2018 (Order No. 374)
  8. Regulations on MEP HPE from 19.12.2018
  9. REGULATIONS for an Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) 2014
  10. REGULATIONS on the commission for the preliminary consideration of documents of graduate students applying for a diploma "with honors" dated 12/14/2017
  11. REGULATIONS on the point-rating system for assessing students knowledge of 11/27/2019 
  12. REGULATIONS on the control of students' knowledge by the method of computer testing from 20/10/2020
  13. REGULATIONS on the provision of repeated training to students of KSMA dated 06/30/2017 (Order No. 152)
  14. REGULATIONS on the Educational and Coordinating Council of the KSMA dated 05/15/2017
  15. REGULATIONS on the point-rating system for assessing the knowledge of students in KSMA dated 20.04.2021 (Order No. 170)
  16. REGULATIONS on the industrial practice of students of KSMA named after I.K. Akhunbaev dated 17.03.2021 (Order No. 135)