Student Senate
Shydybekov Almaz
Shydybekov Almaz
Head of student senate
Kairatbek uulu Altay
Kairatbek uulu Altay
  • Akhunbaev 92 str., Main building
About student senate

For a student, the Medical Academy is not only modern educational programs, lectures and seminars of the best doctors-teachers, intense sessions, but also a diverse student life!

The Student Council is called to make student life brighter and more diverse, to unite students on the basis of common interests. Initiative and faith in their own abilities, leadership and teamwork skills - these are the fundamental qualities for our students that are developed not only by education, but also by the student community of the Academy.

The Student Council is a body of student self-government, the organizer of all academic events for students.

The Student Council of the Academy carries out work in the following directions:

  • interaction with other institutions and organizations of the student environment; development of student initiatives aimed at improving the conditions of study and extracurricular life;
  • active participation of students in the organizational and technical work of the Academy: exhibitions, conferences, scientific seminars
    organization of leisure and recreation for successfully studying students;
  • development and implementation of activities to increase the responsibility of students for timely completion of their curricula, academic discipline and rules of conduct in the Academy;
  • representation of students' interests at all levels of the Academy's management; activation of the processes of managing student groups and involving them in the public life of the Academy;
  • creation of a single information space for students and administrations of the Academy; participation in the distribution of the scholarship fund and providing material assistance to needy students

We, the members of the Student Council of the KGMA named after I.K.Akhunbaev, united by the goal of creating the most favorable conditions for the progressive increase of the intellectual and creative potential of the students of the KGMA named after I.K.Akhunbaev and achieving the comprehensive development of the students, by educating the qualities and skills of a highly qualified specialist in their field of activity, a true leader and patriot of their university and country, accept and undertake to comply with the charter of the Student Council of the KGMA named after I.K.Akhunbaev.

Information Support sector
Alahunova Rabiya
Alahunova Rabiya

This is a structural division of the Student Council responsible for information services, implementation and maintenance of electronic resources in the activities of the I. K. Akhunbaev KSMA

  • Creating and editing bitmap and vector images
  • Shooting and video editing of short videos
  • Collection and dissemination of information
  • General documentation
Cultural and mass sector
Abylov Shabdan
Abylov Shabdan

This is a structural division of the Student Council responsible for holding cultural events at the level of the I. K. Akhunbaev KSMA

The main task of the CMS is to organize events, stimulate students ' self-activity, and teach students about the cultural self-development of a systematic nature.

Sector functions:

  • planning, organization, preparation, holding of cultural events;
  • musical, choreographic, vocal, instrumental accompaniment of events in other sectors;
  • organization of students ' leisure time.
Sports and recreation sector
Kylychbek uulu Jusup
Kylychbek uulu Jusup
  • Participates in the organization and conduct of sports events held by the Department of Physical Education and the Faculty, in intercollegiate sports Olympiads in various sports, as well as its own sports events;
  • Annually participates in cultural and health-improving campaigns;
  • Organizes demonstration performances, demonstrating the results of active sports activities of the faculty;
  • Provides assistance in conducting inter-course and inter-faculty competitions in various sports.

Social sector
Baizhigitova Nursuluu
Baizhigitova Nursuluu

The social sector is a structural unit of the Student Council responsible for planning, organizing and conducting charity events, projects (visits to orphanages, nursing homes, specialized educational institutions, etc.) at the level of the I. K. Akhunbaev KSMA

It is also called «The Sector of Good Hearts»

  • Arranges a charity fair
  • Collects things, money, food and brings it to orphanages and to the homes of the elderly
  • Helps to raise funds for seriously ill people

Science sector
Kurmanzhanov Kairatbek
Kurmanzhanov Kairatbek
  • Akhunbaev 92 str., Main building

The fundraising sector is engaged in the implementation of projects to improve the student life and infrastructure of KSMA.

Performs the following functions:

  • Cooperation with Kyrgyz universities and NGOs.
  • Implementation of own projects.
  • Helps in the implementation of projects offered by students.
  • Search for donors.
Students Activists

General Medicine No.1:

Mamytov Aman 1 course 6 group

Ishenova Aidana 2 course 7 group

Matraimova Aizirek

Abdilkariev Kubanych 4 course 17 group

Abdykadyrov Amangeldi 5 course 18 group

Zhoroeva Dinara 5 course 4 group

General Medicine No.2:

Nurlanova Eliza 1 course 37 group

Duchenbekova Aizhana 1 course 21 group

Kadyrova Nazik 2 course 22 group

Malikova Mukhsina 2 course 22 group

Zhaparbekova Sezim 3 course 31 group

Almazbek K. Tamara 3 course 35 group

Gafarov Rustamjon 4 course 27 group

Omurakun u. Doolonbai 5 course 31 group


Altynbekov Azat 1 course 5 group

Halbaev Raatbek 2 course 5 group

Maksatbekov Bayyrbek 3 course 6 group

Asanova Khanzada 4 course 3 group


Suyunbek u. Nuryiman 2 course 6 group

Zhenaliev Asankhan 2 course 2 group

Jyrgalbekova Kasiet 3 course 3 group

Abdykalykova Zarina 3 course 3 group

Chyngyshbek uulu Nabi 4 course 2 group

Faculty of Preventive Medicine:

Cherikchieva Dilnaz 3 course 4 group

Surabaev Eldos 4 course 4 group

Duishonbekova Marceline 5 course 5 group


Turniyazova Milana 1 course 1 group

Akmatbekova Azima 2 course 6 group

Abayildaeva Makhabat 3 course 1 group