Office of General Services
Contact information
Petrushevskaya Tatiyana Nikolaevna
Petrushevskaya Tatiyana Nikolaevna
Head of Office
Mamadalieva Ainsa Urkunbaevna
Mamadalieva Ainsa Urkunbaevna
Courier-case manager
Abdyldaeva Gulzana Tashtanbekovna
Abdyldaeva Gulzana Tashtanbekovna
Senior Archivist
Kalmanova Taalaikul Berdigulovna
Kalmanova Taalaikul Berdigulovna
Brief history

The office was founded since the opening of the medical Institute in 1939.

In may 2002, the office was reorganized into a Office of General Services.

In November 2007 was created the Office of Human Resources, Legal  and Office Work . The Office of General Services was reorganized into the Sector of case-Management.

In 2016, the Sector of case-Management was reorganized into a Office of General Services with a staff of 3 units: Head of Department, case-manager, courier.

General information

The Office of General Services performs the following functions:

ensures the implementation of records management in accordance with the №370  standard instruction on documentation management dated 25.08.1995, approved by the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic and monitors the maintenance of documents in the KSMA.

receives, processes and sends correspondence;

provides delivery of documents to the executors;

registers, replicates, prepares the following documents:

- orders on the main activity;

- orders of the Rector, Vice-rectors;

- orders of Higher Organizations;

- documents from various organizations;

monitors the passage of documents and deadlines for their execution;

organizes activities to improve records management;

provides information and reference services to KSMA;

prepares the nomenclature of cases and provides a single order of storage of documents;

preparing files for filing.

certifies with the seal of the General Department of the signature of workers on the documents relating to activity of KSMA.

carries out work on use, storage, production, accounting and destruction of the official seal, seals and stamps of KSMA.