Department of Management and Economics of Pharmacy, Technology of Medical Products named after professor E. Matyev
Staff of the Department 
Head of the Department
Cholponbaev Kosmosbek Sarievich
Cholponbaev Kosmosbek Sarievich
Academic degree:
Doctor of Pharmacy
Academic title:
Head of the Department

List of the Department employees: 

  1. K. S. Cholponbaev – Doctor of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Professor, Head of the Department
  2. Dootalieva S. Ch. – Candicate of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Acting Associate Professor
  3. M. V. Ismailov – the senior teacher
  4. F. I. Sharsheeva – teacher
  5. B. M. Abdyldaeva – teacher
  6. V. V. Cymbalist – teacher
  7. A. R. Usupbekova – head teacher of the Department
  8. Ch. T. Tabyldieva – teacher
  9. A. A. Usupbaeva – teacher
  10. A. T. Tabaldyeva – teacher
  11. B. A. Abyshev – teacher
  12. A. A. Asanova – teacher
  13. B. A. Sovetbekova – teacher
  14. B. A. Kalybekova – teacher
  15. Sabyr K. Gulzat - teacher
  16. Muhamedin K. S. – senior research assistant
  17. K. B. Bekishova – laboratory assistant
  18. E. Ch. Borbukova- laboratory assistant
Brief history

        The faculty of pharmacy was opened in 1981. Great merit in the opening of the faculty of pharmacy of the Kyrgyz state medical Institute belongs to academician Daniyarov S. B. In 1983 was organized the Department of technology of medical products. Head of the Department was  associate Professor V. Antonov. He put a lot of effort to prepare the material and technical base of the Department and the selection of teaching staff. 

       In 1988 the Department was reorganized and allocated two Departments: Department of management of pharmaceutical business and technology of dosage forms and Department of pharmaceutical, analytical and organic chemistry. Head of the Department was appointed Candidate of Pharmaceutical Science, associate Professor D. Djusupova. In connection with the transition to the contract form of training and reducing the number of students, both departments were merged into one Department of pharmaceutical chemistry and technology of dosage forms, which was headed by E. Matyev. Doctor of biological Sciences, Professor, member of the European society of chronobiologists, the first pharmacist, twice elected to the Supreme Council of the Kyrgyz Republic (Jogorku Kenesh), General Director of the joint stock company "pharmacy" - Matyev Erkinbek Sagynalievich was a talented scientist, public figure. He tragically died  on March 15, 2000. It was a great loss for the entire pharmaceutical industry of the Kyrgyz Republic.

From 2000 to 2005 the Department of pharmaceutical chemistry and technology of dosage forms was headed by associate Professor K. Cholponbaev. In 2005 due to the increase in the recruitment of students there was a division of the Department. Was organized the Department of management and economics of pharmacy, technology of medical products , which continued to be headed by Kosmosbek Cholponbaev, doctor of pharmaceutical Sciences, Professor. This is the profile Department of the faculty of pharmacy, where students learn the basics of management of pharmaceutical activities and pharmaceutical marketing, technology of drugs in a pharmacy and pharmaceutical production.  In 2007, K. Cholponbaev defended his doctoral dissertation on "Fundamentals of quality management of pharmaceutical activities in the Kyrgyz Republic ". Under his leadership, were defended two master's theses. Also he is a member of the editorial Board of "Bulletin of UKMA" (Kazakhstan). Cholponbaev  is a member of the Pharmacopoeia Committee of the Eurasian economic Union and  the Chairman of the Pharmaceutical Union of Kyrgyzstan.


Students of 3-5 courses of day  and 1-3 courses of evening Departments of pharmaceutical faculty study tthe following subjects:

-technology of medicines;

-management and Economics of pharmacy;

management and marketing in pharmacy;

-medical and pharmaceutical merchandizing;


-biopharmaceutical assessment in technology of medicines;

-elective courses ("Profession of pharmacist", "pharmacy in the world", "Good pharmaceutical practices", "Drugs based on medicinal plant raw materials", "Sales techniques. Merchandising in pharmacies", "Fundamentals of pharmaceutical logistics", etc.).

The Department conducts production practices for students: pharmaceutical propaedeutic practice; training and production on technology of medicines; production practice on management and economy of pharmacy. Practical training students are in the leading pharmaceutical companies of Kyrgyzstan, state regulatory organizations.

Scientific activity

Employees of the Department are working on the scientific theme "Improving the system of drug provision of the population and the development of new drugs based on medicinal raw materials of Kyrgyzstan". The head of the scientific theme is the head of the Department, Professor K. Cholponbaev. He published more than 100 scientific works, including 4 monographs, 4 manuals and more than 30 guidelines, collections for students and practitioners. Were completed clinical trials of the drug "Gepofur" and were patented by employees of the Department. According to the results of the work, were protected 2 topics for the candidate of medical Sciences. Currently, underway the thr  work to register the drug and its introduction into mass production.

Scientific researchs are carried out in the following areas:

  • development of scientifically based guidelines and study of regulatory legal acts in the field of regulation of circulation of medicines;
  • research of medicinal plants of Kyrgyzstan and their rational use;
  • development of new medicines;
  • marketing research of the pharmaceutical market of Kyrgyzstan;
  • the study of the needs of pharmaceutical personnel and analysis of undergraduate and postgraduate pharmaceutical education;
  • study of the system of preferential provision of the population, rational use of medicines, the system of their release;
  • pharmacoeconomics research;
  • study of the state of pharmacy organizations and pharmaceutical industry and ways of introduction of innovative technologies;
  • ethics and deontology of pharmacists, pharmaceutical bioethics.