Faculty of General Medicine with English Language Education №1
Omokeeva Baktigul Almasbekovna
Omokeeva Baktigul Almasbekovna
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  • I.K. Akhunbaev Kyrgyz State Medical Academy main campus room 113
Taailaybekova Meerim Taalaybekovna
Taailaybekova Meerim Taalaybekovna
Academic degree:
Candidate of Medicine
Dean deputy
Chatkalbaeva Shairgul Zamirbekovna
Chatkalbaeva Shairgul Zamirbekovna
Dean deputy
Brief history

Until 2001 students - citizens of foreign countries in the I. K Akhunbayev Kyrgyz State Medical Academy was studying with the subsequent study in mixed groups in the Russian language.

In 2001, on the initiative of the rector of the KSMA, prof. Akylbekov I. K. at the Contract Training Center (director - prof. Chyngyshpayev Sh. M.), a department was established with partial education in English for students from foreign countries who speak English. The first intake was 11 students from Pakistan and Nepal. The appointed head of the department was a Ph.D. Akhunbaev S.M.

The Faculty for Foreign Citizens is the youngest faculty of the KSMA. The faculty was established in 2004 by the decision of the Academic Council of the KSMA on the basis of the department with partial training in English of the medical faculty and the International Higher School of Medicine. Further, enrollment in the first year increased steadily, reaching 515 students in 2019. Currently, students from 11 foreign countries are studying at the faculty: Pakistan, India, Nepal, Jordan, Afghanistan, Somalia, Turkey, Palestine, USA, Egypt, and South Korea.

On July 19, 2004, at the extraordinary academic council of the KSMA, as the successor of the International Higher School of Medicine (IHSM) based on existing structures: the departments with partial training in English at the Faculty of Medicine and the IHSM, the Faculty for Foreign Citizens was established, the first dean of which was Assistant Professor Omorov T. M, and as his deputies were appointed associate professor Kalmambetova A. I. and senior teacher Davydov V.T. That year 167 students already studied at the faculty.

In October 2005, Associate Professor Kalmambetova A. I. was appointed Dean of the Faculty.

The first head of the department Ph.D. in Medicine Akhunbaev S.M.

Ph.D. in Medicine Kalmambetova A.I.

Since that time, the enrollment of students has increased to 100 people, a large organizational and methodological work is conducted, English courses for teachers are organized, and international contacts of the faculty are expanded. A lot of students from medical universities of Kyrgyzstan and other states who wish to study at the KSMA are transferred to the faculty. In different years, the deputies worked as Niyazalieva M. S and Ibrayeva N. T.

From August 2008 to December 2009, the dean of the faculty was associate Professor Kaliev M. T., Deputy Dean for Senior Courses was Davydov V., and Deputy Dean for Junior Courses was Ph.D. Ismailova Ch.S.

Ph.D. in Medicine, Kaliev M.T.

From December 2009 to October 2013, the dean was V. Davydov,  the deputy Dean for junior courses, Ph.D. Ismailova Ch.S. and for senior courses, Ph.D., associate professor Ibraev A.O.

Dean Davydov V.T.

From October 2013 to September 2016, the Dean of the Faculty of Foreign Citizens was a Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor Kochkonbaev. J.A.

Ph.D. in Medicine, Kochkonbaev. J.A. (right)

From March 2017 to 2019, Ph.D., Associate Professor Abaeva Tamara Suranalievna was Dean of the Faculty,

Ph.D. in Medicine, Abaeva T.S.

Dr. Kelgenbaeva Zhazgul Kokonbaevna was appointed to be deputy Dean for junior courses in 2018. In May 2019, Dr. Djumanalieva Ainura Satybekovna, a candidate in medical sciences became the Dean of the faculty.

Since September 2021, T. Zh. Tagaev was appointed as acting dean of the Faculty of "General Medicine" in English., T. S. Abaeva continues to act as deputy dean for senior courses, and Mambet K. Gulina for junior courses.

Since March 2023, T. T. Baimuratov was appointed as acting dean of the Faculty of "General Medicine" in English.

General information

The purpose of the establishment of the faculty for foreign citizens is to prepare qualified specialists in the specialty "doctor-general practitioner", who speak English to continue their professional activities in foreign countries.

The main objectives of the faculty for foreign citizens are:

  • meeting the needs of society for qualified medical personnel with higher education, fluent in English;
  • Training of professors who are fluent in English;
  • Development of medical education exports;
  • Dissemination of knowledge among the population, raising its general educational level;
  • Accumulation, preservation, and enhancement of the moral, scientific, and cultural values ​​of society in the field of medical science;
  • Attraction of additional funds for the development of medical education and medical science.

Currently, our faculty enrolls 1637 students from 17 foreign countries, namely, from India, Pakistan, Palestine, Syria, South Korea, Malaysia, Nepal, Russia, Kazakhstan, Jordan, Turkey, Yemen, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Canada, USA.

The educational process at the faculty for foreign citizens is organized based on the use of an integrated training system developed with the help of experts from WHO (World Health Organization) and the most suitable for teaching foreign students. Modernization of the educational process and its approach to international standards according to the “Development Strategy of the I. K Akhunbayev KSMA for 2010-2020” is the fundamental principle underlying the activities of all faculties of the KSMA, and especially the faculty for foreign citizens.

Foreign students are trained at 50 departments of the KSMA. The teaching staff is staffed by highly qualified personnel, many of whom have extensive teaching experience; in total, the faculty employs 140 teachers, of whom 10 are doctors and 80 candidates of science, 9 professors, 39 associate professors, 18 senior teachers, and 48 ​​assistants.

Campus Tash Dobo

Due to the increase of foreign students’ number, Rector of KSMA Indira Kudaibergenova decided to make a new campus for foreign students and in August, 2018 has signed the Order №220 on the Establishment of the educational building in the village of Tash-Dobo for the faculty of foreign citizens with 5–year lasting training. Later in September, the Academic Council decided to give the name of ex-Rector Professor Iskender Akylbekov to the campus. 

The campus has teaching and support rooms for all disciplines. Currently, the campus has 3 buildings, 3 dormitories (1 for girls, 2 for boys). Foreign students of the 1st year study in the campus and total number of students is 515 distributed 21 groups; students are citizens of India, Nepal, Palestine, Afghanistan and South Korea. The subjects, which 1st year students take are normal anatomy, histology, physiology, biology, bioorganic chemistry, biochemistry, foreign languages such as Latin, English, Russian language, Kyrgyz language, sports, philosophy, History of Manas, physics and mathematics from 12 departments.

There are dining rooms for students, a library with a reading room as well as a doctor's office, where students can seek help if necessary in the campus. A sports ground is organized on the street.

Evening campus

An administration during congratulation to freshers

The performance of student`s anthem "Gaudeamus"

Anatomy class. Teacher Malianchinova S.K.

Russian traditional festival "Maslenica" 2020

English and Latin language quiz for 1st year students 24.02.2021

Russian traditional festival "Maslenica" 27.03.2021

Table tennis competitions

Awards for prize-winning students, Bishkek 2021

Students of the 1st year went to the voluntary Saturdays 10.04.2021

Students of the faculty take an active part in the scientific conference and olympiads for young scientists and students.  

The First Place in the International Olympiad on Anatomy subject,2019 Bishkek KRSU

The Interuniversity Olympiad on Medical Parasitology,  Bishkek - 2019

Grand Prix in Interuniversity Olympiad on Anatomy subject, ISM (Issyk Kul, 2019)

Student of 4 year Falak Tareen in the VII All-Russian Scientific and Practical online conference of Young Scientists and Students with international participation "VolgaMedScience" 16.03.2021

Prize-winning place in the VII All-Russian Scientific and Practical online conference of Young Scientists and Students with international participation "VolgaMedScience" 16.03.2021

students of 4th year Sakshi Malame, Sushmita Mondal.

Bumika Ankush Bhoir, a 3rd-year student of the Faculty "General medicine with English language of training" won the Grand Prix of the online Olympiad organized by the "International Higher School of Medicine". She showed excellent knowledge in the categories "Introduction or self-presentation", "Questions on histology", "Caution from COVID-19 at home", "Video on anatomy" 05.11.2020

Forum "Days of Science of KSMA-2021" dedicated to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of Covid-19

4th year students  Vipin, Falak Tareen

Student`s Awards

Diploma of the first degree in the category " Best dramatization of the composition Ch. Aitmatov"

"Native language day"diploma for participation 

Diploma of the winner in the III International Scientific and Practical Conference of students and young scientists section " Anatomy of a human.Topographic anatomy. Operative Surgery"

Novosibirsk State Medical University

Diploma of the first degree in the First International Online Olympiad under the hashtag "Stay at home" organized by the Andijan State Medical Institute, 2020

3rd year student Abhishek Kumar Pandey

Diploma of the III degree in the VII All-Russian scientific and practical online conference of young scientists and students with international participation "VolgaMedScience" 2021

4th year Students Sakshi Malame, Sushmita Mondal

Prize-winning places and excellent performances in Kyrgyz language during the Interuniversity Olympiad

Students of the 1st year Abdullah Shadab, Syed Ali Shah

The First Place in the International Olympiad on Anatomy subject,2019 Bishkek KRSU

Grand Prix in Interuniversity Olympiad on Anatomy subject, ISM (Issyk Kul)


Football team

During competition

Diploma for active participation in the interfaculty Chess Spartakiad

Diploma for active participation in the inter-faculty Basketball Games

Diploma for active participation in the inter-faculty Sports Contest in football

Diploma for active participation in the sports life of the faculty

Иностранные студенты читают Манас
Student`s life

Curators take active part in student`s routines.

Issyk-Kul, Konorchek. Curator Malianchinova S.K.

Burana tower, curators Dushekeeva A.K. and Kachkinbaeva R.K. (photo above)

Ala-Archa, curator Teshebaeva D.T.

New Year celebration, curator Mambet kyzy Gulina.


Curator Malianchinova S.K., Issyk-Kul, Jeti Oguz. 

Indian festival Diwali with curator Malianchinova S.K.

Gorge Kegeti, teachers Kelgenbaeva J.K., Taalaibekova M.T.

During practical class

Exhibition of students ' works on covid 19


Burana Tower, 1st year students, curator Kachkinbaeva R.S. 2020-2021

Nooruz festival 2021

Song and dance Kara Jorgo, performed by students and teacher Salamat kyzy Almira.

Prize-winning place, Nooruz festival 2021

Nooruz festival 2021

Proverbs in the Kyrgyz language, 1st year students.

Tug of war in the competition, Nooruz festival 2021 

A trip to the mountains, curator Kornilenko V.V., 17.01.2021

Photo gallery

Rector Indira Orozobaevna and vice-dean Tamara Suranaliyevna on Nooruz festival 2021

Dean office at full force

Friendly photo, Nooruz 2021

Dean Ainura Satybekovna wiht students on Nooruz festival 2021

Nurzada Marsovna with participant on Nooruz festival 2021