Department of Military Medical Training and Extreme Medicine
Kalilov Kurmanbek Jakypovich
Kalilov Kurmanbek Jakypovich
Head of the Department
Brief history
The military Department of kgmi was established at the beginning of the great Patriotic war in October 1941, when there was an acute shortage of medical personnel in the organization of medical care for the wounded and sick on the fronts of the former USSR. Originally it was the Department of "Sanitary defense", since 1942 it was renamed into the Department of "Military-sanitary training". Since 1944, it is the Department of "Military medical training". Since the establishment of the "Military Department", the chiefs were professors: Starein E. J., Peterson W. K., Colonel m/s S. P. Tyunyaev, Shvedko P. D., Kulidzhanov, I. L., Badalov V. A., Varenok I. L., Yurchenko P. A., Didichenko V. M., Dergunov A.V., Idrisov A. N., Ismailov A. A., T. B. Jenaliev.
General military training (GMT).
Organization and tactics of medical service (OTMS).
Military toxicology and medical protection (MTMP).
Extreme Medicine (EM).
General information

Training of students at the military Department is carried out according to the "Training program of reserve officers from among  students of KSMA". The programme was approved by the Ministry of Health and agreed with the Ministry of Health on 29 may 1995.

The study of military discipline begins with the 2nd course.