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Unihood Leaders
Aidarov Maksatbek Abdukadyrovich
Aidarov Maksatbek Abdukadyrovich
Leader, Senior Mentor


Аlmazbekova Karina Almazbekovna
Аlmazbekova Karina Almazbekovna
Leader, Senior Mentor


Saadabaev  Beksultan Мyrzabaevich
Saadabaev Beksultan Мyrzabaevich
Leader, Senior Mentor
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The student organization "Unihood" organizes the project "Mentoring", which includes the "Orientation Program" and "Student Mentoring Program".

The student organization "Unihood" organizes the project "Mentoring", which includes the "Orientation Program" and "Mentoring Program".


The orientation program is designed for new students of KSMA and is held a week before the start of their studies. On this program, students are introduced to the structure of the academy itself, to the peculiarities of training and, of course, to student life; how it can be interesting and exciting both inside and outside the walls of the academy.

Chain: links between the first year and the academy as a whole.


The student mentoring program is conducted during the course of study, twice per academic year, i.e. in the fall and spring. Here, the work is done individually, within each pair. A couple is a mentor and mentee, mentor and receiver, Shifu and Po On this program, students improve their personal qualities, succeed in their studies, acquire skills and simply meet new and interesting people.

Chain: links between junior and senior courses.


During the entire period of these two programs, interesting meetings are organized not only among students of KSMA and with representatives of medicine, but also with people of different profiles; fun, memorable events are held, such as: Teambuilding, various games and competitions - all this is aimed at bringing students closer together, establishing friendly relations.


At the head of the organization of all of the above are creative, fun and most importantly responsible activists of our academy.

The goals that the club members pursue are to help the student quickly get used to a new way of life, to make efforts for spiritual, physical and intellectual development, to try to find a way to discover and realize their inner potential, and to raise the student's academic performance.

Unihood is always happy to meet new people!

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Orientation program for 2019

Student Mentoring Program for 2020. Spring.

Opening ceremony.

Conducted by Teambuilding as part of the Spring 2020 Mentoring Program.

The participants went to the Alamedin Gorge for a one-day tour and organized a small picnic.

Student Mentoring Program 2020. Autumn.

This program was held in an online format due to the epidemiological situation in the country.

The organizers of the above-mentioned program organized a mini team building. We had a picnic in Ata-Turk Park.

Student Mentoring Program of 2021. Spring.

The opening ceremony.
This event was held in the office of the Youth Center "Jash Muun".

The first guest meeting held as part of the Spring Mentoring Program in 2021.

The guest was the first-year resident Aiym Turdukeeva with the theme: "Successful failure".

Second guest meeting with Amanat Moldokeeva, Deputy CFO at Red Petroleum. Topic of discussion: "Family, children and career".

The third guest meeting was held in the Ata-Turk Park. The guest was the director of Accelerate Property Kyrgyzstan Indira Uzbekova with the theme "Meditation". Participants were able to practice basic meditation techniques.

The 4th guest meeting was held with the participation of Kunduz Karbozova, a neurologist, Cephalgologist and Assistant of the Department of Neurology and Clinical Genetics of KSMA. The meeting discussed issues on the topic "Ad astra per aspera", which means "Through the thorns to the stars".