Project “Improvement of nursing practicum education in KSMA”
Project “Improvement of nursing practicum education in KSMA”

Project description: This project is aimed at improving the curriculum and practical teaching of nursing education at the Nursing Department of KSMA for the training of students of the Faculty of Nursing

Project Objectives:

  1. Revision and updating of programs (curriculum plan)

-Literature review

- Meeting (minutes)

- Group interviews

- Review curriculum

  1. Development of practical exercises

- Revised practice plans

- New practical classes (class development)

- Plan of practical exercises

  1. Equipment

- List of equipment

- Technical specifications of purchased equipment

- Number of equipment

  1. Training (ToT)

- Development of guidelines for faculty

- Number of trainings

- The number of trained faculty


Funding Organization: Korea Ministry of Education

Implementing organization: Keng-hee University (South Korea)

Duration of the project: June 01, 2020 - January 31, 2021


Content and schedule:

Level 1: Examine the status of practical exercises and find out the need for improvement

  1. a) literature review (June-July 2020)
  2. b) meetings (June-July 2020)
  3. c) group interviews (July-August 2020)


Level 2: Identifying a plan to improve the practical improvement process

  1. a) Seminar for teachers (September 2020)
  2. b) Meeting of the advisory board (September 2020)


Level 3: Providing practical resources and training for practice leaders

  1. a) Development of practical modules (October-November 2020)
  2. b) Expansion of practical equipment (November-December 2020)
  3. c) Development and implementation of training programs for practical course leaders (November-December 2020)


Project Evaluation and Report (January 2021)


Expected outcomes: