Registration for the Annual AMEE 2023 Conference for Medical Teachers in Glasgow
23 January 2023 15
Registration for the Annual AMEE 2023 Conference for Medical Teachers in Glasgow
AMEE Annual Conference in Glasgow “Inclusive Learning Environment to Transform the Future”
Dates: 26-30 August 2023
Location: Glasgow, Scotland
Online participation is possible
AMEE brings together renowned experts and junior researchers from all over the world who work on research in the field of education of medical professionals.
Whether you join the conference in person or remotely, you will have unprecedented access to the latest ideas, methods and techniques used in teaching, assessment and research, and it will be useful for you to hear about the experiences of people who have used them in a variety of contexts around the world.
Whether you are a researcher with exciting results to communicate, an educator willing to share your experience in teaching and learning, or just someone who wants their voice to be heard, AMEE can provide a platform for your ideas.
With a huge selection of session types and topics for both face-to-face and remote delegates, you can draw inspiration from our fantastic line-up of speakers and benefit from the combined experience and wisdom of thousands of other teachers.
What is on offer at AMEE 2023?
  • Ø 3 innovative, collaborative and inspiring plenary sessions, including the "Theater of the Oppressed" and a panel discussion on the topic "Inclusive learning environment for the transformation of the future.’
  • Ø Pre-conference seminars
  • Ø AMEE-ESME Master Classes
  • Ø 7th International Conference on the Development of the Teaching Staff of Medical Professions
  • Ø Specialized tracks, including
    • o Surgical education
    • o Competence-based medical education
    • o Transformation of the learning environment through technology
  • Ø More presentations of research papers than ever before
  • Ø Symposiums, Short Messages, Posters, Doctoral reports, Point of View, PechaKucha ™ , Patil Award for Innovation in Teaching
  • Ø The ‘Famous’ or ‘infamous’ AMEE Fringe
  • Ø Center for Study and Development, including silent symposia
  • Ø The opportunity to communicate with like-minded colleagues

and not forget……

  • Ø Performance of the Scottish band ‘Red Hot Chilli Pipers'
Acceptance of abstracts for AMEE 2023 is open.
To view all the information and submit your abstract, please click here.
Deadline for submitting abstracts
Abstracts for consideration at AMEE 2023 must be submitted within the time limits specified below:
Seminars before the conference - December 9, 2022
Symposia - December 9, 2022
Doctoral reports - December 9, 2022
Research work - December 9, 2022
Patil Award for Pedagogical Innovation - December 9, 2022
Short message or poster - February 17, 2023
AMEE Fringe - February 17, 2023
Seminar-conference - February 17, 2023
Points of View - February 17, 2023
Pecha Kucha - February 17, 2023
Payment for participation