Information for graduates

Dear graduates!

Duplicates of the diploma (hereinafter referred to as the document) are issued on the submission of the university to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic, which should cover the circumstances of loss, damage, change of surname, first name, patronymic. A copy of the University's order to issue a duplicate diploma issued on the basis of the graduate's application is attached to the order letter

A duplicate of the diploma is issued only once, in other cases, an archived certificate is issued.

On a duplicate document, the word "duplicate" is printed in the title by the word "DIPLOMA" ("diploma supplement").

The duplicate of the diploma is signed by the chairman of the SAC acting in the year of issue of the duplicate, the head of the educational institution and the dean and is registered in the register of issue of the duplicate of the diploma.

The document is issued personally to the owner or to a person under a power of attorney issued to him by the owner.

The cost of the document is established on the basis of tender tenders. Payment for the production of the document is reimbursed by graduates.

Required documents
  1. Loss of the diploma ( representative part, certificate, evaluation sheet)
    • The announcement in the newspaper about the invalidity of the lost diploma with the indication of the full name, year of graduation, faculty, number of the diploma
    • Certificate from the table of finds (district police station at the place of residence)
    • Copy of your passport
    • Payment
    • Statement ( Sample application)


  1. Ruined diploma                                             


  1. Persons who have changed their last name, first name, middle name
    • Diploma with the same name (surname, middle name) *
    • A copy of the certificate of change of name, surname, middle name
    • Copy of your passport
    • Payment
    • Statement ( Sample application)


Note: * - are withdrawn by the educational institution and destroyed in accordance with the established procedure