As a result of the submission of project applications under the Erasmus+ program in 2022 in the "International Credit Mobility" component, the I.K. Akhunbaev KSMA and the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences won a project for the implementation of academic mobility of teaching staff. 
Project Number: 2022-1-LT 01-KA171-HED-000076247
Within the framework of this project, one credit mobility is available for KSMU teaching staff to the above-mentioned partner university in the following areas:
In order to implement the project, the Department of International Relations of the KSCA conducts organizational work on the selection of candidates for academic mobility and announces a call for applications from KSMA teaching staff
Terms of call for applications

Academic mobility period: 7 days

Direction of academic mobility: Medicine, Pharmacy, Public Health, Nursing

Number of academic mobility: 1

All expenses are covered by the Erasmus+ program.


The purpose of academic mobility:

  • Gaining experience of studying abroad, in particular an internship in teaching;
  • Getting to know other country's culture;
  • Deepening of knowledge in a specific field from international specialists;
  • Improving the level of a foreign language;
  • Expansion of partnership and attraction of contacts for further cooperation in order to participate in the writing of grant applications and the implementation of projects.

Tasks of academic mobility:

  1. To present the educational and scientific potential of KSMA in the academic circles of the visited country
  2. Improve the quality of teaching in a foreign language for foreign students
  3. Identify specific areas for further cooperation with the partner university and prepare a joint preliminary plan of interaction between universities in these areas
  4. To offer the partner university at least 1 project proposal for future joint submission and implementation within the framework of the Erasmus+ program
  5. To introduce the partner university to the culture of our country

To participate in the competition, you must fill out an online application and attach the following documents to it:

  1. CV in English with indication of your professional experience
  2. A motivation letter revealing the reasons why you should participate in the mobility and how you will apply the results of participation in the activities of the KGMA.
  3. Certificate of English language proficiency at the Upper-Intermediate level and above
  4. Letter of recommendation from the head of the department

The deadline for submitting documents is April 1st, 2023!

Selection stages:

  1. Collecting applications
  2. Selection of candidates
  3. Interview with candidates in English
  4. Final selection and sending of candidate data to the partner university ⠀

For more information, contact the international department of KSMA, 2nd floor, 77 office or you can write to the email address  with the subject “ERASMUS1: LSMU". Phone No. 0312 545859, +996997779252 (only for Whatsapp)