Department of Foreign and Latin languages
Staff of the Department 
Head of the Department
Zamaletdinova Galiya Sarasovna
Zamaletdinova Galiya Sarasovna
Academic title:
Assosiate Professor
Head of the Depatment

Tentimisheva Burul Davletbekovna-senior lecturer, Head teacher

Orozbakova Anarbubu Orozbakovna-senior lecturer

Moldokulova Lena Dolonovna-senior lecturer

Elgondieva Toktobubu Abdykerimovna-senior lecturer

Baigazieva  Nurgul Kubatbekovna-senior lecturer, postgraduate student

Dushekeeva Aizada Kobanychbekovna-senior lecturer

Baigazieva Nurgul Kubatbekov-senior lecturer

Kachkinbaeva Rahat Sultanbekovna - teacher

Sydykova Jyrgal Japyshevna-teacher

Teshebaeva Dinara Turgynbaevna-lecturer, postgraduate student

Kolbaeva Medina Djailoobaevna-lecturer, senior curator

Mamytkanova Elena Asrankulovna-teacher

Janybay kyzy Eliza - teacher

Baibolova Asel  Dogdurbaevna-senior laboratory assistant

Ybyshova Gulsaira Jolomanovna-senior laboratory assistant

Brief history 
The Department of foreign and Latin languages was founded in 1939 in the year of Foundation of the Medical Institute. Educational process was provided by: Shalin E. S., Shteinbaum D. Ya., Lysenko A. T., Hausstein later Kaufman S. A., Stroilov L. V., Tarskaya L., Kenjebayeva U. K., Chentsova L. A., Kojinova T. V. the chair was headed by Gan Mullman (1939-1947гг.), Pishe E. A. (1946-1948гг.), Savrutskaya A. M. (1948-1960.), Gladilshikov A. I. (1960-1977). From 1977 to 1998 the Department was headed by Professor Tursunaliev T. T., an Excellent student of Public Education, a well-known specialist in methods of teaching foreign languages. Under his leadership, the Department developed the theme "Didactic and linguistic bases of teaching foreign and Latin languages." From 1998 to present the Department was headed by Associate Professor Tuleev Ch. and Candidate of Philology Koichumanova N. M.? Associate Professor G. S. Zamaletdinova continues research work on the topic "Formation of speech competence–the professional quality of the future doctor in the process of teaching language disciplines."

  • English language
  • German language
  • Latin language

General Information

Every year, faculty organizes inter-faculty competitions in Latin and English languages, quizzes "Impassable path in medicine without Latin", student conferences at the Department, international friendship evenings.

Scientific Activity 
  1. Teacher Teshebaeva D. T. works on the scientific theme: "Violation of lexical compatibility as a stylistic device»
  2. Senior lecturer Baigazieva N. K.  works on the scientific theme: "Peculiarities of translation of somatic phraseological units of the Manas epic on the material of the Kyrgyz Russian English languages".