Brief history

The Faculty of Pharmacy was opened in 1981. Much credit for the opening of the pharmaceutical faculty of the Kyrgyz State Medical Institute belongs to the rector of the Kyrgyz State Medical Institute, academician Daniyarov Sanzharbek Bakirovich.

The first Dean of the Pharmaceutical Faculty was Antonov Vladimir Ivanovich (1981-1991).

The technology of dosage forms was the first specialized department of the faculty which was organized in1983. There was taught the subjects of the chemical and technological cycles. The head of the department was Associate Professor Vladimir Ivanovich Antonov. He put a lot of effort into preparing the material and technical base of the department and the selection of teaching staff. Some devices were assembled by V.I. Antonov. and introduced into the educational process

Faculty of the first graduation

The teaching rooms of the faculty were located not only in the educational buildings of KSMI, but also in the assistant rooms of industrial pharmacies in Bishkek. It was the time of enthusiasts and the formation of the faculty.

Students during practical classes work with tare scales, microscopes

Antonov V.I., Abdrasulov S.A., Matyev E.S. with students next to the Main Building

The first graduation in 1986 (1-4 groups)

Associate professors Dzhusupova D.D., Kundashev U.K., Abdyrasulov S.A., Sadykova A.K., Ismailov I.Z., Ismailova D.N. worked as deans of the Faculty of Pharmacy in different years.

Currently, the graduating departments of the faculty are: Department of Management and Economics of Pharmacy, Technology of Medicines named after V.I. prof. Matyev E.S. and the Department of Pharmacognosy and Chemistry of Medicines.

General Information

The preparation of specialists at the Faculty of Pharmacy is in the specialty 560005 “Pharmacy”. Graduates are awarded the qualification “Pharmacist”.

Pharmacist profession

Among many specialties, the profession of a pharmacist is rightfully considered one of the most attractive, promising and in-demand professions. The growth of the world's population, the increase in life expectancy, and the increase in the well-being of people result in the fact that the annual health care costs are growing rapidly. A large portion of these costs are spent on drugs that are invented, researched, manufactured and sold by pharmacists.

The origin of the term “pharmacy” refers to antiquity. The Egyptian word “farmaki” means "granting healing or security", i.e. pharmacists help people to be healthy! Therefore, high demands are placed on the profession of a pharmacist. Accuracy, attentiveness, composure and high self-control, philanthropy, excellent memory, ability to bear responsibility, make decisions, think logically, honesty, humanity, calmness - this is how a pharmacist should be! He needs knowledge in chemistry, biology, physiology, pharmacology, drug technology, pharmacognosy, pharmaceutical chemistry. Although the work of a pharmacist is aimed at the benefit of people and society, but it also has a commercial component, it is necessary to know the basic principles of organizing pharmaceutical activities, the basics of economic knowledge, sales and marketing. Also, a pharmacist must be able to work with the team and visitors of pharmacies, so he needs knowledge of medical ethics and psychology.

Faculty graduates can work in pharmaceutical companies for the wholesale and retail sale of medicines and medical devices, at pharmaceutical production enterprises, government agencies, control and testing laboratories, be heads of pharmacies, etc.

Since 2018, the training of narrow specialists has begun at the postgraduate level - in the residency of the KSMA in the specialties: “Organization of pharmaceutical business”, “Pharmaceutical technology”, “Clinical pharmacist”, “Pharmaceutical chemistry and pharmacognosy”.


Terms of study (duration)


Tuition for one year (currency KGS)

5 year term



1-2 year of study

CIS countries


3-5 year of study

CIS countries


3 years on basis of Secondary medical education



1-2 year of study

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3rd year of study

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2,5 years on the basis of Higher medical education



1-2 year of study

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3rd year of study

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Our achievements

Diploma of scientific work by Erkebaeva A. N. (November 2023)

Student of the year in the category "Pharmaceutical Sciences" Erkebaeva A. N. (December 2023)

Thank you letter intellectual quiz

Best defender in football tournament

Certificate for participation in an international practical conference of young scientists

1st year student Artem Marchenko took 1st place at the International Olympiad in Medical Biology

Students of the Faculty of Pharmacy take an active part in the cultural, sports and scientific life of the Academy.

2nd year students took part in the student theater competition, where the combined team of KSMA won first place.

The II-degree diploma was awarded to the faculty team in the inter-faculty national games “Arkan Tartysh” dedicated to the Nooruz holiday (2021).

Diana Zhakypova, a student, was awarded a presidential scholarship.

In 2021, she will graduate and will be awarded a diploma of graduation

Chinshailo Firuza - the winner of the Days of Science in the section “Questions of Pharmacy and Pharmacology”. She is currently undergoing residency training in the specialty “Organization of pharmaceutical business”.

Karikeev Zhanat - the winner of the international scientific-practical conference “Modern aspects of medicine and pharmacy: education, science and practice” in the sector “Technology of medicines”, Shymkent

Turdueva Adina was awarded a diploma of the II-degree of the IV Medical Global Forum “The health of the nation is the basis for a successful future”, 2019 (Alma-Ata). She is a resident in the specialty “Organization of pharmaceutical business”.

The team of the Faculty of Pharmacy took the 2nd place in the football cup of the KSMA rector (2018).

Faculty students volunteered in medical teams during the COVID-19 pandemic in the summer of 2020.

2nd year student Belekov Akyl with senior mentors

Closure of the temporary hospital KSMA

Students’ Life

Job Fair - 2023

Dean's Cup 2024

Motivational meeting for students of the Faculty of Pharmacy 2023

Club Fair 2023

Round table on the topic “Current state of pharmaceutical production in the Kyrgyz Republic” November, 2023

Visit to an orphanage in 2024.

Nooruz – 2021.

The next tournament of the Faculty of Football “Dean's Cup”

The strongest won - the team of alumni

Attended trainings on teamwork in the treatment of COVID - 19, received certificates. Anastasia Ivkina (4 course) also worked in the “red zone” of the temporary hospital of the KSMA in the summer of 2020.

Student life of our freshmen. They still have everything ahead!