Office for Scientific-Innovative Research and Clinical Work
Contact information
Baitelieva Altynai Karypbaevna
Baitelieva Altynai Karypbaevna
Academic degree:
Candidate of Medicine
Head of Office
Salieva Baktygul Sartbaevna
Salieva Baktygul Sartbaevna
Senior specialist on science
Kazyev Akjol Bekjanovich
Kazyev Akjol Bekjanovich
Senior specialist in medical work
General information
Management of the Office for Scientific-Innovative and Clinical Work is implemented by the Vice-rector for scientific and clinical work Professor Andrew Sopuev through the Office of Scientific – Innovative Research and Clinical Work, which is a separate Department of KSMA, responsible for the organization of research activities and training of higher qualified personnel.
Main directions of activity
  1. Coordinating research work of the departments and Central research laboratory
  2. Postgraduate and doctoral studies
  3. Holding of Scientific and Techical Conference, Scientific Council for Science
  4. Dissertation board
  5. Management of the Scientific Ыociety of Young Scientists and Students
  6. Commission for the verification of the primary documentation
  7. The Bioethics Commission
  8. Journal "Bulletin of I. K. Akhunbaev Kyrgyz State Medical Academy"
  9. Organization of scientific conferences
  10. Medical work of clinical departments
Main  objectives of the activity
  1. Improving the management of research activities.
  2. Formation of new scientific directions in the field of biomedical Sciences.
  3. Maintenance of material and technical base of scientific researches at the modern level.
  4. Improvement of the system of training of highly qualified personnel.
  5. Restructuring of the structure and content of training of scientific and pedagogical personnel in accordance with the needs of science.
  6. Ensuring the unity of educational and scientific processes and effective use of the scientific potential of the Academy to improve the quality of training of scientific and pedagogical staff.
  7. Implementation of the principle of continuity of scientific work of research students to research candidate and doctoral levels in the training of highly qualified personnel.
  8. Organization of publishing work of the Academy: preparation of materials for collections of scientific papers on the profile of the Academy, methodological documents, their scientific editing, the formation of a database for the control of research.
  9. Interaction of clinical departments and health facilities.
Purposes of Office
  1. To create a flexible structure for the organization of scientific research and  technical developments, adequate to the state of society and the country.
  2. Planning, management and implementation of research results on theoretical and practical problems relevant to the health of the Kyrgyz Republic.
  3. To promote the growth of scientific and methodological qualification of the teaching staff, researchers, doctoral students and postgraduates.
  4. Ensure unity of planning, reporting and implementation.
  5. Promote coordination and integration of research with scientific institutions, universities and health care institutions.
  6. To contribute to the improvement of the educational process by introducing the results of research, attracting students to participate in research.
  7. Create a system of tracking and coordination of program research, the formation of a database for monitoring research work.
  8. To create conditions for the continuous development and free exercise of the creative capabilities of scientists.
  9. To provide guidance and accept reports on research.