There was a ceremonial ruler for students in grades 10-11 of the Lyceum at the Medical Academy.2021y.

Many people believe that student life is all just learning: answers at seminars, taking notes of lectures. This is far from the case. Students not only receive higher education, but also develop numerous talents in themselves and in others. Student life is the most beautiful time. It is the student years that are the most interesting and unforgettable. Student life brings a lot of joy. At first, a person is happy when he learns that he has become a student, then new acquaintances and friends. From session to session, students live a fun life.


Everyone has good memories of their student life. How they prepared for various events, how they gathered in the evenings and sang songs, how they went to nature organizing picnics, charity events were held, an evening of acquaintances, initiation into students, preparation for the doctor's oath, a cadet ball.

Every person who was a student can remember many interesting stories from student life, because this is the most interesting time.