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Dedication to Students 

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Dedication to students 2019 The celebration on the occasion of the initiation of students is a mandatory measure for new entrants in many universities of our country. The solemn part is accompanied by the transfer of the symbolic key of knowledge and the student ID card from the older generation to the new arrivals, who take the oath of a student of KSMА. "Solemn dedication to the students of the I. K. Akhunbaev KSMA"– is held annually in the T.Satylganov Kyrgyz State Philharmonic 

The Oath of a first-year student

Annualy of October, the I. K. Akhunbaev KSMA holds an event to honor novice students "The Oath of a first-year student". The tradition of honoring first-year students appeared many years ago.

This year, in connection with the pandemic, it has undergone some changes: instead of the traditional concert, freshmen were waiting for a dozen interactive platforms.

The newly minted students were greeted by the luminaries of medicine of Kyrgyzstan and the first persons of the university, wishing them to become part of a large student family, find real friends, achieve a high level in science and realize themselves as much as possible in their studies.

The special solemnity of the event was given by the presentation of test books and the symbolic "Key to Knowledge".

Joining the ranks of student body I solemnly promise to be a worthy successor and the continuer of glorious traditions of student body, professors and teachers of the Kyrgyz State Medical Academy:


  • - Persistently gain new knowledge in specialty. Don’t miss lessons and prepare to them. Make all our best in gaining necessary clinical skills.


  • - Maintain and develop traditions of that damage the image of the Academy.


  • - Respects ethics and deontology of the health worker, the norms of morality. Respect the teachers and stuff of the academy.


  • - Do not resort to illegal and unworthy methods for taking credits and passing exams.


  • - Do not use abilities of family connections, any kind of preferences.


  • - Strengthen the international friendship of youth, fight against any manifestations of national, racial and religious intolerance


    Swear, swear, swear!