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Faculty Staff
Isakov Erkin Omorbekovich
Isakov Erkin Omorbekovich
Academic degree:
Candidate of Medicine
Shayahmetova Kanyshai Djenishbekovna
Shayahmetova Kanyshai Djenishbekovna
Dean's deputy
Chekeeva Aida Erkinovna
Chekeeva Aida Erkinovna
Brief History

The Faculty of Dentistry at Kyrgyz State Medical Institute was founded in 1960. The first admission of the Faculty was 50 students. The first Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry from 1960 to 1968 was associate Professor Kozhomkulov T. K..

From 1968 to 1972, the faculty was headed by associate Professor Doronbekov D. D.

Since 1972, at different times, the Deans of the faculty were Professor Saburova L. B., associate professors: Kenenbayev K. K., Ergeshov S. M., Sadykov S. B., MD, Bakiyev B. A., associate Professor, Modnikova V. I., associate Professor, Toktosunov A. T., MD Kuttubayeva K. B.,

From 2016 to the present the Dean is associate Professor Isakov Erkin Omorbekovich.

Over the past 60 years, the faculty has graduated 5835 dentists

The first graduation was in 1965 in the amount of 41 graduates,

among them Kaziev A.K.

Clinical bases of the departments of the Faculty of Dentistry are located in city dental clinics, 
institutions of KSMA named after I.K. Akhunbaeva and other large inpatient and medical dental institutions
of city and republican subordination, located in the territory of Bishkek.

Structural divisions of the Faculty of Dentistry:

1. Department of Therapeutic Dentistry

2. Department of Prosthetic Dentistry

3. Department of Surgical Dentistry

4. Department of Pediatric Dentisrty

General Information 

"Dentist" - the word means a wide range of specialists. Someone is engaged in therapy, someone in tooth extraction. Also in clinics and hospitals need doctors who correct the bite and solve all sorts of problems with the jaw apparatus. The main task of the course is to train a specialist who will be able to take responsibility for the treatment of the patient. It offers the performance of specific practical tasks of different levels of complexity, so you can not do without theory and practice.


The profession of a dentist covers a fairly wide range of activities: treatment, prevention of diseases of the teeth, periodontal, oral mucosa, surgery in the maxillofacial area, as well as prosthetics and correction of malocclusion with anomalies. Therefore, modern science has divided this branch of knowledge into several specific areas.

Dentist-therapist. This is the most familiar for each of us specialist. He carries out examination and is engaged in standard treatment of teeth: caries, pulpitis, inflammatory processes and infectious diseases of the oral cavity, periodontal disease.

Dentist-orthopedist. This is a specialist who is engaged in prosthetics of defects of teeth and dentition, dentoalveolar deformities. He has skills of treatment of all types of prostheses (fixed, removable, combined, prostheses on implants). The dentist-orthopedist participates in complex treatment of periodontal diseases (bleeding, mobility of teeth). The essence of orthopedic treatment of periodontal diseases (periodontal disease) is splinting or binding of movable teeth to fixed ones with the help of:

a) tabs;

b) crowns;

C) fiberglass.

Dental surgeon. This is a specialist who eliminates defects through surgical interventions. This doctor is engaged in standard implantation and removal of teeth. He can perform procedures aimed at preserving teeth, treating inflammatory processes and tumors of the mouth and face. He is engaged in the preparation of the mouth for the subsequent procedure of prosthetics, treatment of disease-causing processes of the TMJ, trigeminal nerve and salivary glands. His duties include surgical treatment of wounds of the face, mouth and neck, plastic surgery and reconstruction of the jaw, diagnosis of General serious diseases on the basis of their symptomatic manifestations of the face, mouth, neck, they usually include tuberculosis, syphilis, etc. also, this specialist performs operations on the surfaces of the periodontal.

Oral and maxillofacial surgeon. This specialist performs surgical interventions of varying complexity. They are deeper and more complex than those of a dental surgeon. Such surgical interventions are performed under General anesthesia and require a lot of knowledge and skills.

A children's dentist. Milk teeth have their own specifics and a number of features. All about the device and the correct methods of treatment knows this specialist. In addition, he is also a good psychologist. It's not so easy to put a child in a chair to the dentist.

Dentist-orthodontist.  This is a specialist working with dental anomalies that have arisen as a result of natural processes: genetic predisposition, deformities due to loss of teeth, or periodontal diseases. Unlike an orthopedic dentist, he does not deal with cases that are the result of injuries.

All these specializations are combined under the name of the profession "Dentist". They include a huge range of knowledge and skills. These specializations are irreplaceable. The profession of the dentist assumes deep development of theoretical bases and reception of practical experience on what five years at receipt on full-time office are allocated. In some educational institutions there is a mixed form, but it involves a six-year term of study.

Description of specialty

The program is designed in such a way that the student gets acquainted with a wide range of important disciplines, gets practical skills, learns research and organizational work. As a result, he is able to solve different professional problems. First of all, this is expressed in the provision of specific medical care to the patient.  In his work, the young doctor is guided by the latest achievements of science, chooses humane means and methods. Of course not do it without the ability to properly diagnose. Also, a specialist can engage in expert work. He has the right to apply for managerial positions, managing Junior and middle staff.

Qualification awarded: "Doctor" in the specialty"Dentistry" 
Standard term of training: 5 years on the basis of secondary education, clinical residency-2 years
Form of training: contract
Type of training: full-time

Information about achievements

Students of the Faculty of Dentistry participate in cultural events, and take honorary and prize-winning places.

On May20, 2021, 4th year student of the 5th group of the faculty of "Dentistry" Chekerbaeva Gyuzal, received the award "The best young scientist of the CIS countries"

Battle of dentists 2021.

October 19, 2020 in the Assembly Hall of the KSMA named after I.K. Akhunbayev hosted the presentation of awards to active participants of the republican action "Tilim Zhurogүmdo".

A letter of thanks was presented to Professor A.A. Kalbaev. for excellent preparation for the event dedicated to the development of the state language and language policy "February 21 - International Mother Language Day."

Our students were awarded for their conscientious work in the fight against COVID-19 during the general pandemic:

Bekzhanova Nuraiуm - 5th year student was awarded a certificate of honor for her active participation in the fight against COVID-19

Sagaliev Eldar - 3rd year student was awarded a certificate of honor for her active participation in the fight against COVID-19

Abdraimov Elizar - 3rd year student was awarded a certificate of honor for her active participation in the fight against COVID-19

Duishenbaev Erbol - 2nd year student was awarded a certificate of honor for her active participation in the fight against COVID-19

Mayrambek uulu Kutman - 3rd year student, awarded with a letter of thanks for active participation in the fight against COVID-19

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