Students Campus
Kuldanov Nurlan Rapkomovich

The campus was established in 1991, the main activity of the campus is the creation of appropriate living conditions for students.

The campus consists of 6 Hostels, whwrw live students of different faculties, coming from different regions of our country and from near and far abroad. At this time, students from the first to the sixth year live in KSMA Hostels. Operational management of the campus is entrusted to the Director and commandants of hostels.

Schedule of prices for residence in hostels of KSMA
№  Type of residents Fees per 1 month residence (soms) Comments


Students, clinical residents, interns, postgraduate students, students of the Lyceum, preparatory course participants, KSMA staff 950 With the Laundry services
2 Family students:
- family member not student
- from a child up to 16 years (for the third place)

50% of  cost
3 Foreign students 2000
4 Outsiders: family - fpr bed 2500
5 Applicants at the time of admission 50 For 1 day