Center for Distance Learning and Advanced Training
Staff of the Office
Umetov Taalaibek Egemberdievich
Umetov Taalaibek Egemberdievich
Academic title:
Директор центра
Иманкулова Асель Сансызбаевна
Иманкулова Асель Сансызбаевна
Ученая степень:
кандидат медицинских наук
Заведущая сектором повышения квалификации
Нурбаева Айнура Рахимбердиевна
Нурбаева Айнура Рахимбердиевна
Специалист сектора повышения квалификации
Луценко Инна Леонидовна
Луценко Инна Леонидовна
Специалист сектора дистанционного обучения
Казыева Гулиза Эргешбаевна
Казыева Гулиза Эргешбаевна
Специалист-техник сектора дистанционного обучения
  • 0(312) 56-59-78
  • ул. Ахунбаева, 92. Главный корпус.
Brief history 

Center of Advanced Training and Continuing Education of KSMA is formed on the basis of training Courses of FPGME of KSMA, in accordance with the decision of Academic Council of KSMA dated 29 August 2014.

The Directors of the Center were:

Professor Karasaeva A. K.,

Ph. D., associate Professor G. U. Sooronkulov,

PhD, associate Professor Stambekova K.N.

Main purposes 
  • Planning and accounting of cycles on programs of additional professional education: professional development, professional retraining, training seminars for medical workers, including for continuous medical education.
  • Organization of work on programs of additional professional education on the basis of applications of cadets and applications of medical organizations.
  • Preparation of draft orders of the rector on the organization of planned and additional cycles for programs of additional professional education and enrollment of students.
  • Organization of work on registration of students undergoing training in the Center for additional professional education programs.
  • Preparation, execution and issuance of standard documents for students who have successfully mastered additional professional educational program, in accordance with the current legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic.
  • Improvement of pedagogical qualification of KSMA teaching staff taking into account their needs and preferences in forms and means of education.
  • Implementation of the educational process of e - learning and distance learning technologies.
  • Introduction of the latest achievements of pedagogical science, combined with traditional and innovative forms of education in the teaching practice of the faculty of KSMA.
  • Together with departments, development of necessary documentation (projects of educational programs, standards, model plans, qualification requirements, etc.) and regulations for new medical professions in the register of professions of the Kyrgyz Republic.
  • Organization of field-based thematic short-term refresher courses for practitioners, as requested by local authorities.
    Participation and organization of national, international and industry symposia, seminars, trainings, conferences on transfer of experience of continuous medical education and assessment of health potential of different groups of the population, assessment of quality of medical services.
  • Participation in the preparation of legislative, regulatory, policy and other documents, as well as analytical materials for discussion at meetings of different levels.
  • Implementation of accounting and documentation of the Center.
  • Implementation of storage of documentation of the Center.