Department of Family Medicine of Postgraduate Education
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Faculty and Staff
Head of the Department
Prof. Nurlan Brimkulov
Prof. Nurlan Brimkulov
Academic degree:
Doctor of Medicine
Academic title:

Prof. Raiymzhanov A.R. - professor, academician of the NAS KR, Honored Doctor and Honored Scientist of the Kyrgyz Republic

Abdullaev T.O. - Head teacher and Assistant of the Department 

Sydykova S.Zh. - Assistant, Candidate of the Medical Science

Zhailoobaeva A.T. - Assistant, Candidate of the Medical Science

Karakeeva N.T. - Assistant

Astanova E.T. - Assistant

Siezdbekova N.S. - Assistant

History of the Department

For the first time in KSMA the Department of Family Medicine (FM) was formed in 1999 on the basis of the docent course of polyclinic therapy of the Department of internal diseases №1, headed by academician of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences, MD, prof. M. M. Mirrakhimov. Docent course of outpatient therapy was established on 28 August 1991 and headed by Honored doctor of the KR, Associate Professor A. O. Aytkulova.

On October 1, 1999 the course was reorganized into an independent Department of Family Medicine, headed by prof. T. Meimanaliev. Assosiate professor G.Nanaeva made a great contribution to the development of family medicine in Kyrgyzstan. Under her leadership, new training programs were developed for the course of Family Medicine of pre - and post-graduate level, training of doctors for Family Medicine in Kyrgyzstan began. However, in 2004 the Department of family medicine was reduced to the course of outpatient therapy.

In February 2017, in accordance with the health needs of the country, the independent Department of family medicine was revived, and as the head was appointed prof.N. Brimkulov. At the Department in accordance with international requirements were revised training programs, developed new teaching materials (Catalogs of competencies, Diary resident), introduced modern approaches for monitoring and evaluation. Multi-faceted work with students on the basis of the scientific circle, holding "open meetings" with graduates, involving students in the organization of conferences and congresses with the participation of world leaders in family medicine led to a sharp increase in residents. Thus, in August 2018, the number of applicants to the residency reached 56, which is 28 times higher than in 2015. Dramatically increased the volume of teaching work required to strengthen the personnel potential of the University in family medicine. In this regard, in September 2018, the Department was reorganized into two departments, namely the family medicine of pre-diploma and family medicine of postgraduate education.

Since September 1, 2018, the management of the Department of family medicine of postgraduate education was entrusted to Professor N. Brimkulov. N.

Achievments of the Department

The main direction of the Department is the training of residents in the specialty "Family medicine/General medical practice", promotion of the specialty and its development in all aspects – academic, scientific, professional, practical and social.

In a short period of existence of the Department revised curriculum, published teaching AIDS and materials, introduced modern methods of monitoring and evaluation. Elements of telemedicine (remote lectures, online consultations in WhatsApp, etc.) are actively introduced into the learning process. The Department is actively implementing the program of decentralization of postgraduate education and presented the first positive results of practical training at regional clinical bases. The monitoring of the effectiveness of decentralization out to all regions of the Republic is implementing.

Employees of the Department made a number of initiatives aimed at improving the image of the specialty of family doctor:

  • Congresses Of General practitioners and family doctors of Kyrgyzstan (Bishkek, 2015; Osh, 2017). Preparations are under way for the 3rd Congress (Bishkek, 16-17 may 2019).



  • Republican conferences, devoted to the World Day of Family Doctor, April 19th (2016, 2018 years)
  • Annual republican conferences of Family Medicine Clinical Residents
Scientific Activity

Researches in the field of Family medicine and General medical practice has been initiated. Work is underway to establish a new scientific specialty "Family medicine/General medical practice". Employees of the Department are involved in the development of clinical protocols and clinical guidelines.

Along with the educational,methodological and scientific activities of the Department staff are actively involved in the diagnostic and treatment process, provide advice.