E-learning on the moodle platform

Dear students!

To access the distance-learning portal for your course you need to:

  1. To create an account on the portal using the link https://www.learning.kgma.kg/login/signup.php
  2. To the entered email address in your account will be sent a message with simple instructions to complete and confirm your registration.
  3. On the main page of the portal https://www.learning.kgma.kg/ you need to choose your Faculty and your course.
  4. Next, you need to select the subject and you will be asked for a code word.
  5. You should find out the code word for your course and Faculty in Dean's office.
  6. You must pass all listed subjects in your course.
  7. During the holidays, уou must master all the material (lectures, plan-summary of practical classes, tasks for independent work of a student).
  8. You need to check the given material on subjects every day, as it will be supplemented and updated.

Information and instructions for passing the test will be posted later.

Attention! If the portal is unavailable https://www.learning.kgma.kg/, we ask you to complete a course of study in accordance with the posted plans for the disciplines as part of your independent work. To do this, select your Faculty and course from the right sidedown side of menu panel and read the program.