Important notice for all foreign students
  1. Student Safety and Support:
    • If you feel unsafe or threatened, contact the designated authorities immediately.
    • The administration is in contact with the police, the Indian embassy, the Embassy of Pakistan, local authorities, and private security for your safety.
  2. Public Behaviour:
    • Do not smoke or drink in public places. Violations may result in fines or being taken to the police station.
    • Unpaid fines can prevent you from exiting the country, as the immigration department may stop you at the airport.
  3. Guidance on Information Sharing:
    • Fake News Warning:
      • Avoid sharing unverified news on WhatsApp groups or other platforms.
      • Stay patient and prioritize your safety.
      • Do not give online/audio/video interviews about content you did not witness or verify.
      • Refrain from going outside unless absolutely necessary or urgent.
  4. Document Checks:
    • Police will conduct checks for original passports with a current visa and registration.
    • If your passport is with the college for visa or registration, carry a photocopy of your passport along with visa and registration slips.
    • Fines will be issued if you do not carry these documents, which must be paid within three days.
  5. Recent Events and Safety Measures:
    • Incident on May 17/04/2024-18/05/2024:
      • The situation is under control by law enforcement agencies.
      • An investigation is ongoing, and perpetrators will be brought to justice.
      • Training will temporarily be conducted online.
  6. Social Media Conduct:
    • Strict Monitoring:
      • The Kyrgyz Government is monitoring social media content closely.
      • Avoid joining groups that spread false information or provocative messages.
      • Participation in such groups can result in deportation or imprisonment.
  7. Clarification on False Information:
    • No Student Harmed:
      • There have been no deaths or incidents of rape involving students. Do not spread false information.
  8. Ongoing Updates:
    • University Actions:
      • The university is monitoring the situation closely and will provide updates on online classes, exams, and travel plans.
      • Rector office, Dean office, Indian Team, all KSMA volunteers and other academy staff are visiting hostels to talk to students.
      • KSMA & Official Representative (Contractor) helped all those students who reached us by phone /wats app call.
  9. Compliance with NMC Guidelines:
    • Academic Requirements:
      • It is crucial to meet the time duration specified by the NMC guidelines to ensure there are no hindrances to the completion of your degree.

Transportation Facility to Airports

Available Transportation:

Contact Information:


Vehicle Numbers:

For more information or to arrange transportation, please contact Mr. Aravind (Department of academic student welfare) on WhatsApp.

Important Note: The Kyrgyz Government and the university will take action against the dissemination of fake videos and information. No individual student of KSMA is allowed to give interviews to media channels. Any media inquiries should be directed to the management. This measure is being implemented to prevent the spread of incorrect information, which is damaging the integrity of both the country and the organization.

Thank you for your cooperation and support. Stay safe and follow the guidelines provided.