Admission Committee

Dear applicants!

The Kyrgyz State Medical Academy (KSMA) named after the outstanding surgeon Isa Konoevich Akhunbaev is the only specialized state higher educational institution in the field of training of medical and pharmaceutical personnel in the territory of Kyrgyzstan. It was founded in 1939 and over the past years has trained about 40 thousand doctors. Currently, more than 6,000 students, clinical residents and interns, including from near and far abroad, study at KSMA

Today KSMA employs more than 800 highly qualified teachers, including academicians and corresponding members of the National Academy of Sciences of the Kyrgyz Republic, foreign academies, doctors and candidates of Sciences, as well as honored doctors, honored scientists, honored workers of health and education of Kyrgyzstan. Higher and postgraduate training is carried out at 55 departments, 21 of them - theoretical and 34 - of clinical profile. Training is conducted in clinics, training centers and classrooms of the Academy, equipped with modern medical equipment and tools, in accordance with the new State Standards of the 3rd generation, tested in major universities in Europe.

Getting higher education in medical school has always and everywhere been considered and is continue to be considered a prestigious profession, especially in such a University as I.K. Akhunbaev KSMA, behind of which the glorious traditions and rich history, a stable present and a bright future.

Welcome to the I.K. Akhunbaev Kyrgyz State Medical Academy!