International Applicants

General Information

Higher professional medical education in Kyrgyzstan is a tertiary education, training doctors and pharmacists in programs of undergraduate and postgraduate levels. 

Undergraduate education involves 5-6 years of training in the areas of "General Medicine", "Pediatrics", "Dentistry", "Medical and Preventive Care", "Pharmacy" and "Higher nursing education". 

Postgraduate education involves 2-3 years of training in residency programs in various areas. 

I.K. Akhunbaev KSMA trains specialists at all levels of education and offers the opportunity to study in English and Russian languages

Study Programs
  • "General Medicine" is 5-year program and available in English on the basis of 12-year secondary education. Other programs are available in Russian on the basis of 11-year secondary: education:
  • General Medicine in Russian

duration of training 6 years      

  • General Medicine in English

duration of training 5 years 

  • Pediatrics in Russian

duration of training 6 years

  • Мedical and Preventive Care in Russian 

duration of training 5 or 6 years

  • Dentistry in Russian

duration of training 5 years

  • Pharmacy in Russian

duration of training 5 years

  • Higher Nursing in Russian       

duration of training 6 years 

 ! When entering the Russian or English training, the applicant must already know the appropriate language.

  • Faculties: 

Programs overview -  General Medicine №1 and  general Medicine №2, General Medicine in English, Pediatrics, Medical and Preventive Care, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Higher Nursing Education.

  • Learning outcomes: 

Medical education in KSMA meets all the requirements of international standards. KSMA prepares specialists with the necessary skills and competencies for professional activities not only in the field of medicine and health care, but also in any other sphere of life. Each graduate will be able to build a solid foundation for further professional and personal growth.

The full catalogue of competencies can be found here.

Admission process
  • Admission to the KSMA is made upon the application of the applicant. 
  • Applicant should submit the following documents along with application:
    1. Certificate of Secondary Education;
    2. 2 photos (4x6), 4 photos(3x4);
    3. Copy of passport or other ID; 
    4. Receipt of payment for documents submition;
    5. Medical certificate;
    6. Certificate of residence.

For admission to the programs in Russian, the applicant must submit an application with a full list of necessary documents to the Selection Committee of KSMA:

KSMA Main building, 92 Akhunbaev str., Bishkek

Phone: +996 312 56 97 15, e-mail:

For admission to the the program "General Medicine" in English, please contact the official representative - the company "SC Career Builder".

Regulations on the order of admission and training of foreign citizens

Admission Rules
  • Persons with secondary General and secondary vocational education are admitted to the first year of KSMA
  • Admission and training of foreign students is carried out on the basis of international treaties to which the Kyrgyz Republic is a party, as well as on the basis of agreements between educational organizations or with individual citizens
  • Foreign applicants can apply for a state grant under the relevant international agreements between Kyrgyzstan and the state of the foreign applicant (Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan)
  • Admission of foreign students is conducted by the Admission Committee of KSMA
  • Applicants and their parents/guardians have the right to get acquainted with the Charter of KSMA (link), its licenses (link) and certificates (link), rules of admission to KSMA and other necessary information related to admission.
  • All necessary information materials for applicants are placed in the lobby of the main building of KSMA, as well as on the official website.
  • Foreign applicants who have graduated from high school in Kyrgyzstan can participate in the competition for admission on the basis of ORT, as well as on the basis of the results of entrance tests conducted by KSMA independently.
  • Foreign applicants coming to KSMA from states that do not have interstate agreements with the Kyrgyz Republic must submit to the Selection Committee a document on education equivalent to the state document on secondary general education (certificate) of the Kyrgyz Republic. Examination of documents of foreign citizens is carried out by the Ministry of education and science of the Kyrgyz Republic before admission to KSMA.
  • Applicants who have provided knowingly false documents to the Selection Committee of KSMA, are responsible under the legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic

About entrance tests

  • Entrance exams for foreign students entering the KSMA for the study programs in Russian are conducted in the form of a blank test in chemistry, biology, Russian language with computer processing of the results. Knowledge of applicants is evaluated on a scale where the maximum result is 180 points. Foreign students must score on the main subject – 90 points, non-profiled subject – 60, in the Russian language – 30 (for specialties "General Medicine", "Pediatrics", "Medical and preventive care", "Dentistry", "Nursing" main subject – biology; for specialty "Pharmacy" - chemistry). 
  • Entrance exams to KSMA for foreign students entering the training in English are conducted in the form of a blank test in chemistry and biology with computer processing of the results. Foreign applicants must score 90 points in biology and 90 points in chemistry. For more information, see the link: /link SC Kareer Builder/
  • A foreign applicant must receive a minimum threshold score of 60% of the maximum possible to participate in the competition and not have any unsatisfactory evaluation.
  • During the entrance examinations, applicants are prohibited:

Ø to bring and use textbooks, notebooks, records, mobile phones, electronic notebooks and other storage facilities;

Ø to speak or move without permission;

Ø to exchange test forms, records.

!!! In case of violation of the above requirements, the applicant may be disqualified.

  • During the entrance examinations the applicant must present an examination sheet and passport.
  • Results of entrance tests are published no later than 10 o'clock in the morning of the next day after carrying out tests.

About the appeal

  • Foreign applicants have the right to apply for an appeal on the day of the announcement of the results of the blanks before 14:00 hours.
  • Consideration of the appeal does not provide for re-delivery of the blanks. During the appeal, only the correctness of the evaluation of the results of the entrance test is checked.
  • The applicant has the right to be present at the appeal and get acquainted with their work. If the applicant is a minor, one of the parents/guardians may be present next to him / her.
  • After consideration of the appeal the decision of the Appeal Commission on an assessment on the entrance test is taken out. The decision is made by the Protocol and brought to the attention of the applicant under the signature.

About enrollment

  • Enrollment of students is made only in the presence of the original document on education or its duplicate and when paying 50% of the tuition fee for one year of study.
Admission Timing

Terms of admission to study programs in English:

Filing of required documents 

1 July - 1 October

Entrance examination

1 September - 15 October 

Notification of the results of entrance examinations    

the next day of exams until 10 am  


till 15 October


Terms of admission to study programs in Russian:

Filing of required documents 

2 July - 30 July 

Entrance examination

2 August - 10 August

Notification of the results of entrance examinations    

the next day of exams until 10 am


till 25 August

Arrival: Visa and Registartion issues

International students arriving to the Kyrgyz Republic for the purpose of admission in KSMA, it is recommended to check in advance, visa and visa-free regime in the Kyrgyz Republic and to take care on the timely receipt of a visa before the entrance examination.

For citizens of the Russian Federation, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Moldova and Tajikistan

Citizens of these countries are exempt from obtaining a visa to the Kyrgyz Republic. Applicants are strongly encouraged to cross the border of the Kyrgyz Republic with a foreign passport. Within 5 days after arrival in the Kyrgyz Republic, foreign applicants are required to register in accordance with the established procedure at the actual place of residence. More information about the registration process can be found here.

For citizens of Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan 

Citizens of these countries can cross the border of the Kyrgyz Republic only in the presence of a student visa type S. To obtain a visa, foreign applicants are advised to contact the Department of international relations of KSMA and get the necessary advice.  More information about the visa and registration process can be found here.

For citizens of far-abroad countries

Citizens of the countries of India, Pakistan, Palestine, South Korea, Turkey, the EU and others should be required to issue student visa type S and register upon arrival in the Kyrgyz Republic. Detailed information you will find following the link:

Post-Arrival Orientation Handbook for international students
KSMA, together with the International Organization for Migration in Kyrgyzstan (IOM), have developed an Post-Arrival Orientation Handbook for international students coming to study in Kyrgyzstan. This guide will help newly arrived students to get acquainted with the local culture, learn about the cities of Bishkek and Osh, as well as get invaluable recommendations on personal safety, obtaining local services and much more. 
We wish you a pleasant reading and successful studies!

Dear parents,applicants & visitors of our website
Due to the fact that there are frequent cases of forgery of official documents of KSMA on the admission of foreign citizens for training by third companies, KSMA management asks to draw Your attention to the fact that KSMA has a Exclusive cooperation agreement on the recruitment of foreign students only with the company LLC "SK Career Builder".
To contact an official representative please call to
Dr.Sunil Yadav
+91-7607838117 (India) email to :
Official website -
KSMA informs all foreign students who are interested to study at KSMA that, only LLC "SK CAREER BUILDER" has exclusive agreement to recruit students. LLC "SK CAREER BUILDER" is recruting the students since 2012.
Note: - Kindly note that at the time of admission, before submitting your documents to anyone, make sure to check the authencity of that person from LLC "SK CAREER BUILDER".
Be warned that KSMA is not cooperating with the company OsOO "SARA PHARM".
LLC "SK Career Builder" DOES NOT cooperate with the following companies:
o MOKSH - Dream a Global Career. o
o Renaissance Education

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