Korean Government Scholarship Program "Global Korea Scholarship"

Global Korea Scholarship (GKS) is a scholarship program of the South Korean Government that allows foreigners to get higher education in one of the Korean universities for free. The program is funded and managed through the National Institute for the Development of International Education (NIIED). The GKS scholarship provides full coverage of expenses and applies to all types of programs: bachelor's degree, master's degree, doctoral degree. The training can take place in both English and Korean.

65 universities of the country participate in the program, offering programs in almost all subject areas. The exception to Global Korea Scholarship is only programs with a duration of more than 4 years. As a rule, these include medicine, pharmaceuticals and architecture.

Within the framework of the Global Korea Scholarship program, a fairly large number of scholarships are awarded annually: 170 for bachelors, 700 for masters and doctors. However, the competition for the scholarship is also high. Citizens from more than 110 countries, including Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, Armenia, Tajikistan, can receive the GKS scholarship.


The purpose of the program

Promotion of international exchange in education and achievement of the commonwealth between the countries by providing foreign students with the opportunity to study at higher educational institutions of the Republic of Korea

Training programs

Selection procedure

Procedure Master's degree, doctoral studies
Notification of recruitment and acceptance of documents February of each year
1 selection round (consulate, university) March of each year
2 selection circle (NIIED) April of each year
3 selection circle (university) - only for those who submitted documents through the consulate May of each year
Announcement of results (NIIED) June of each year
Arrival of scholarship holders in Korea

August of each year

Scholarship payment amounts

The amount


Amount paid


200 thousand won (1 time)


900 thousands - 1 million. won per month
Medical insurance 

20 thousand won per month

Language courses

800 thousand wonv quarter


Max. 5 million per semester

High level of knowledge of Korean

100 thousand per semester


210-240 thousands per semester

Printing of the thesis

500~800 thousand won

Returning home

100 thousand won (1 time)

Requirements for candidates for the GKS Scholarship

Applicants applying for the Global Korea Scholarship Program must:

Finalists must take Korean language courses within 1 year at a language institution located on the territory of the country's universities.

Finalists who have a TOPIK language certificate confirming the level of proficiency in Korean above level 5 are exempt from this requirement.

Method of submission of documents


Please specify the necessary documents and detailed information in the recruitment notice published on the website annually (Scholarships - GKS Alerts)
Contacts: kgspniied@korea.kr 

Detailed information on quotas, documents and deadlines is here.